Art Basel Miami Beach 2017

December 07 - December 10, 2017


Artists :
Noël Dolla
Claude Viallat

 When Viallat gave up stretched canvas, he liberated his work from the picture plane. His early experiments concerned color and its effect on figure ground relationships. He cut flat fabric and displayed it in space as a volume, demonstrating not only his chromatic mastery, but a new sense of design to pursue in manipulations of nets, ropes. Clearly, Dolla's dish towels, gauze bands question the conventions of the painted canvas and its materiality in a similar manner. Dolla's esthetic ethics, however, inspire him to retain rather than sterilize the symbolic or metaphorical content of his unconventional materials in order to call attention the paradoxical relationship between art as a market commodity and art as an epistemological object.

Rachel Stella, 2017.