Quintessa Matranga

 ( 1989, USA)

B. 1989

2013 BFA, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, US
Quintessa Matranga’s paintings elaborate a form of domestic surrealism in which decidedly mundane elements take on an existential significance. While she paints monsters, toilets, Christmas presents, spirits, houses, cars, people, trees, and snow, she draws on vernacular modes of expression—such as street wear, comic books, childhood fairy tales and cartoons. Her narrative, fantasy-like scenes are soft and strange. Her work hovers between providing a key to understand our current cultural moment, and radically unhinging it. The world that her practice brings into being is one populated by misfits, miscreants and signifiers of the disillusioned. But these figures aren’t to be taken directly as models for how to live your life, how to dress, or what politics to adopt. Rather, like a mood board, they illustrate the fine-tuned play of referentiality in any attempt to fashion oneself.
Group shows at Ceysson Gallery
What Wind, New York
February 05 - March 02, 2019

rhetoric, Sandy Brown, Berlin, DE
Doctor, Garbage, Snow Car, The Loon, Toronto, CA

Me at 3AM, Queer Thoughts, New York, NY
VelvetAngelFire, Freddy Harris, New York, US
Mental, Goldie’s Gallery, New York, US

Peasant, Chin’s Push, Los Angeles, US

What Wind, curated by Eric Palgon, Ceysson & Bénétière, New York, US
No Place, L’INCONNUE, Montreal, Canada

The Private Collection of Water McBeer, Jeffrey Deitch, New York, NY
Condo, Queer Thoughts at Carlos Ishikawa, London, England

Prick Up Your Ears, Karma International, Los Angeles, California
NADA Miami, Queer Thoughts and What Pipeline, Miami, Florida
Adult Swim, Pilar Corrias, London, England
Liste, Sandy Brown, Basel, Switzerland
The Mere Future, American Medium, New York, NY

Submerge, Sandy Brown, Berlin, Germany
2021, Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Marriage, Queer Thoughts, New York, NY
100% Stupid, Et al, San Francisco, California
Everyday War, Ashes/ Ashes, Los Angeles, California

Dizzy World, Kimberly-Klark, Queens, NY