Noël Dolla

at Jean Prouvé

July 21 - July 22, 2018


Artist : Noël Dolla

 Noël Dolla chez Jean Prouvé

After Claude Viallat in 2016 and Bernard Pagès last year, it is Noël Dolla’s turn to spend the summer in the house built by Jean Prouvé in Beauvallon at the beginning of the 1960s. Noël Dolla, another Mediterranean neighbor. Noël Dolla and his uncompromising sense of forms. A free spirit gifted with a unique and committed consciousness of the world here confronted to the lightness and transparency of Jean Prouvé’s house, a socially-aware architecture blended in the scenery and characterized by its unpretentious beauty where thinking and making have become one. Noël Dolla taking hold of this house and garden to “restructure the space”, expand and shape our horizon, create a great tension like a compass point between the fragility of the glass, the tarlatan, the color and the wind blowing in the trees, to install this delicate balance without which we could hardly move ahead. 

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