Jacques Lepage. Dossier Supports/Surfaces

December 19, 2018 - January 26, 2019


Artists :
André-Pierre Arnal
Vincent Bioulès
Louis Cane
Marc Devade
Daniel Dezeuze
Noël Dolla
Toni Grand
Bernard Pagès
Jean-Pierre Pincemin
Patrick Saytour
André Valensi
Claude Viallat

 On the occasion of the publishing of Jacques Lepage Dossier Supports/Surfaces by éditions d'Art Ceysson, Ceysson & Bénétière is pleased to present a special exhibition from December 19, 2018 to January 26, 2019 in its Parisian showroom.
Fine critic and agitator Jacques Lepage used to mentor and promote “his” artists in the media and through events organized. Born in 1909, Lepage was one of the minds behind the artistic scene of Nice from the 50s up until his death in 2002.
This book was intended for publication forty years ago, in 1978, the golden age of the Supports/Surfaces movement punctuated by controversies, resignations and exclusions.
With a large portion dedicated to documents on which Lepage left insightful and brief comments, the author sheds light on the beginning of these young artists who looked to forge both a new art and theory. Together we find bitter letters, leaflets and articles, along with exhibitions flyers that show the splits between Tel Quel and Southern France, and texts that defined the editorial line of the review Peinture, cahiers théoriques. Now that everybody worked his way through and that arguments no longer incriminate or prosecute, it finally seems appropriate to publish of this book.
With no intention of being a shrine, the Dossier Supports/Surfaces exhibition offers a fresh look on Jacques Lepage documents staged across several exhibition spaces.
- The “Conflicts” zone displays shots, reviews and leaflets.
- The “Jacques Lepage living room” is a convivial space where visitors can read Lepage critics, browse through his photographic documents and contemplate some artworks from his collection.
- The “Pages of Lepage” is a very personal library of his poetry full of interventions by his artist friends as well as editions he conceived with his favorite writers and artists.
- The gallery underground turns into “Open air” and looks back at outdoor artistic events like the famous Rencontres de Coaraze Lepage organized in 1969.

Rachel Stella 

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