Joe Fyfe - Claude Viallat


December 21 - February 23, 2018


Artists :
Joe Fyfe
Claude Viallat

 Claude Viallat and Joe Fyfe share an interest in utilizing re-purposed ‘alternative supports’ as they explore the limits of painting. Conversely, they have a common concern in widening paintings’ means of addressing the contemporary. The exhibition, ‘Parasols’ selects works that utilize umbrellas and sun shades as an element in each of their compositions. Fyfe, who is slightly younger, is a long-time admirer of Viallat, acknowledges him as a major influence and credits him with enfolding geo-politics into the advanced lessons of Matisse: Viallat, he says “has enabled late modernist Euro-centric painting to acknowledge the existence of marginal and migrant societies, and in this way his work seems even more relevant today that it did when Viallat’s first appeared in the 1960’s”.

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