At Jean Prouvé

La construction de l'espace

July 26 - July 28, 2020


Artists :
Pierre Buraglio
Louis Cane
Max Charvolen
Bernard Pagès
Aurélie Pétrel
Lionel Sabatté
Bernar Venet
Claude Viallat

 To confront the constructivist and functional architecture of Jean Prouvé with artists who chose to question our relationship to materials, gestures and, especially, space; to sculptors who favored lines, volumes and planes, verticality and horizontality, transparency and equilibrium.

Complex universes in interaction, reinventing structures and forms, as well as their contemporary deconstruction. Sculptures. Sometimes graphic, almost like drawing, or become three-dimensional paintings. Artworks grounded in space that open a dialogue with the architecture and the environment.

Bernard Collet 

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