Fabienne Lasserre

Born Ottawa

Lives and works in Brooklyn

Lasserre works with suspended fragments to create sculptures that evoke feelings of discomfort and playfulness. Materiality is of primary concern: the artist uses wool, linen, felt, paper and paint to achieve a monumental yet complex surface. No firm resolution or conclusion is achieved, leaving the works suspended in a transient moment or state. Bandages, patches and bulbs suggest a type of weakness or imperfection-but one that is achieved out of a mastery of balance. Strange outcomes are made possible through material transformation and awkward shapes. Their elegance, detail and color never cease to surprise the viewer.

Lasserre holds a BA in Fine Arts from Concordia University (Montreal) and an MA in Visual Arts from Columbia University (New York). She has exhibited widely in the United States and Canada, including solo exhibtions in New York, Miami, as well as in Toronto, Montreal and Québec City. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions in New York, Philadelphia, Oaxaca, Mexico, Santiago, Chile, Berlin and Kassel, Germany and London, England. Recently, her work was included in the Quebec Triennial at the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal. Lasserre has participated in artist residencies such as those from the Vermont Studio Center and Dieu Donné (New York) and has recieved prestigious grants from namely the Canada Council of for the Arts. In 2013, her work was presented in the 43rd National Salon of Artists in Medellin, Columbia as well as in the group exhibition Outside the Lines at the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston. Her recent works were shown in a group and solo show in Brooklyn and New York respectively during the year 2013. In 2015 the artist presented Les Approches, her first solo exhibition at Parisian Laundry. She currently teaches in the Painting Departement at the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore).


2002-2004 MFA, Visual Arts, Columbia University
1999-2000 Institut de Création Artistique et de Recherche en Infographie, Montreal; digital animation
1996-1997 Akademie Vytvarnych Umeni v Praze, Prague; Interdisciplinary Arts with Milan Knizak (Fluxus)
1995-1996 Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas, Mexico City
1992-1996 BFA, Concordia University, Montreal

Group shows at Ceysson Gallery
Feed the Meter, Wandhaff
September 23 - December 16, 2017

Solo and two-person exhibitions

Fabienne Lasserre and Annette Wehrhahn, Safe Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

Les approaches, Parisian Laundry, Montreal, Canada

Here Like a Story Like a Picture and a Mirror, Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York, USA

The Us and the It, Gallery Diet, Miami, USA
City of Seals, Kris Benedict and Fabienne Lasserre, David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, USA

For the Partner, Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York, USA

What is Found There, Gallery Diet, Miami, USA
Foreign Object: Yui Kugimaya and Fabienne Lasserre, Regina Rex, Brooklyn, USA
Hace Mucho que No Te Veo, Christy Gast and Fabienne Lasserre, Espacio Matacuna 100, Santiago, Chile

The Split Wall, Hilary Harnishfeger and Fabienne Lasserre, South First Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

Others, Virgil de Voldère Gallery, New York, USA

Metamorphoses and More, Luft Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Les Métamorphoses, Galerie Clark, Montreal, Canada

Some Confused Creatures, Luft Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Dragons et dragonnes, La Centrale, Montreal, Canada
La caverne II, Bishops' University Art Gallery, Lennoxville, Canada

La caverne, Articule, Montreal, Canada
Mambo, Le lieu, centre en art actuel, Québec, Canada

Group Shows

Will Duty, Cody Hoyt, Fabienne Lasserre, Jeff Bailey Gallery, Hudson, USA

Around Flat, Knockdown Center, Brooklyn, USA
Drawing for Sculpture, Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York, USA
Broken Colours, Nicholas Methivier Gallery, Toronto, Canada
C.Ar.D in città, Palazzo Costa Trettenero, Piacenza, Italy

We Should Speak To Each Other the Cloud and I, Mary S. Byrd Gallery of Art, Georgia Regents University, Augusta, USA
Happy Not Sappy, VisArts Gallery, Rockville, USA
The Rhythm that Laughs You, curated by Javier Sanchez, Flux Factory, Queens, USA
C.Ar.D, Pianello Val Tidone, Italy
Hearts Gymnastics, Outpost, New York, USA
Beyond the End, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, France
Brucennial, New York, USA
The Body Metonymic, Oakland University Art Gallery, Rochester, USA
Mandala: Locus of Thought, Tibet House, USA

Building Materials, Real Art Ways, Hartford, USA
Workspace Program 2013 Exhibit, Dieu Donné, USA
The Beauty of Friends Coming Together I, curated by Phong Bui, Dedalus Foundation, Brooklyn, USA
Outside the Lines, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, USA
Saber Desconocer, curated by Mariangela Mendez Prencke, Florencia Malbran,43 Salon (inter) Nacional de Artistas, Colombia
Summer in Paris, Parisian Laundry, Montreal, Canada
Palm Reader, curated by Sean Gertsley, So What Space, Brooklyn, USA

Building Material, curated by Lucas Blalock, Control Room, Los Angeles, USA
Finite Infinity, curated by Diana Buckley and Irena Jurek, Greenwich House, New York, USA
Primary, curated by Jamillah James, Nudashank, Baltimore, USA
Three Points Determine A Circle, Lucas Blalock, Jim Hyde, Fabienne Lasserre, Byrdcliffe Kleinert/James Center for the Arts, Woodstock, USA
Leave It To Beavers, Gallery Diet, Miami, USA
Pitch: Lonnie Holley, Fabienne Lasserre, Halsey Rodman, Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York, USA
Tops, Open Space, LIC, USA
Make Up on Empty Space, Larissa Goldston Gallery, New York, USA
Cheat Chains and Telephone, Kansas Gallery, New York, USA

La triennale québécoise, Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Montréal, Canada
Hard Poems in Space, Nektar de Stagni & Gallery Diet, Miami, USA
Becoming Something Found, Jolie Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

Come Through, Sikkema Jenkins & co., New York, USA
Parts and Labor, Soloway, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Fell In Beside, Philly-Fringe, Jolie Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
Dean, Lasserre, Smith, Jolie Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
Weaving In and Out, No Longer Empty Projects, East Harlem, New York, USA
Word-less, curated by Felicity Hogan, Elizabeth Arts Foundation, New York, USA
All This and Not Ordinary, Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York, USA
Redi-mix, curated by James Hyde, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York, USA
Housebroken, Flux Factory, Long Island City, USA
In a Shadow Box, Crystal Ball Gallery, Berlin, Germany

3 obras, Museo Textil de Oaxaca, Mexico
Party at Chris's House, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, New York, USA
Structured Simplicity, Dumbo Art Center, New York, USA
Trance, Chance, Dreams & The Unconscious, South First Gallery, New York, USA
Turn On, Slag Gallery, New York, USA
Arctic Book Club, Elizabeth Arts Foundation, New York, USA

Hair Follies, Fofa Gallery, Montreal, Canada
Paperworks, Michael Steinberg Fine Art, New York
Once Upon a Time, ISE Cultural Foundation, New York, USA
The Grey House That Thinks Itself Into Your Head Without Asking, organized by Jessica Dickinson, Peter Fingesten Gallery, Pace University, New York, USA

Welcome to my World, curated by Matthew Day Jackson and Amy Davila, Alexandre Pollazzon Gallery, London, United Kingdom
The Line of Time, the Plane of Now, Harris Lieberman Gallery, New York, USA
L.I.C., NYC, (with Flux Factory), Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, USA
Grizzly Project, Flux Factory, Long Island City, USA

Emerging Artists Fellowship Exhibition, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, USA
3rd Gongju International Art Festival: "The Original Nature of Human", Limlip Art Museum, Korea
Art On Paper, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, USA
Possibly Being, Fabienne Lasserre, Will Villalongo, Larry Bamburg, Esso Gallery, New York, USA
The Studio Visit, Exit Art, New York, USA

Performa05- Performa Radio, curated by Anthony Huberman, USA
The Muster, a project by Allison Smith, in collaboration with Anna Craycroft, Governor's Island, USA

Strange Animal, organized by Giovanni Jance and Andrea Zittel, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, USA
Free Radio HDTS, in collaboration with Christy Gast at High Desert Test Sites #4, Joshua Tree, California, USA

Monster Tree, performance in collaboration with Christy Gast at High Desert Test Sites #2, Joshua Tree, California, USA
One Enemy vs. 25 Millions of Friends, Kunsthochschule Kassel, Kassel, Germany

XXX Testimonial, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada

Projet Projo, MAI centre, Montréal, Canada

Prêts d'œuvres, Musée du Québec, Québec city, Canada

L'état des sexes, MAI centre, Montréal, Canada
Love-Horror, La Centrale, Montréal, Canada

Points, lignes, surfaces, 20 ans, Belgo building, # 516, Montreal, Canada

Artichaud, Maison de la Culture du Plateau Mt-Royal, Montréal, Canada

Art ménager, Maison de la culture du Plateau Mt-Royal, Montréal, Canada
No soy fotografo, part of Foto Septiembre, Espacio Alternativo La Panadería, Mexico city, Mexico

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Tough, Raw and paradoxical : Fabienne Lasserre's new sculpture
Hyperallergic - Thomas Micchelli
November 13, 2013
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