Simon Mathers

Born in 1984, in London, United-Kingdom.
Lives and works in London, United-Kingdom.


MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London, United-Kingdom


BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London, United-Kingdom
Simon Mathers: About my work

My work uses painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. I am an avid collector of both images and words from printed media, the internet and my personal photography and reading. I use drawing and painting as a means to cement the interpretation to these stimuli and present it in a manner that is expressive, loose, derisive and at times humorous.

I am interested in the translation gap between the information that we digest and how to present it physically. The work does not try and render this but instead wallows in the bemusement and schizophrenic depiction that an interpretation enables. There is an avid investigation into pictorial composition, colour arrangement and construed narrative. Nothing is ever laid out so simply. Translation is lost between the photographic impression, conceptualization and the final realization of the painting and is therefore reinvented through material investigation and the elaboration of titling.

I enjoy presenting work that can be both easily digested but also difficult to unpick. My practice is inherently studio based and therefore developed through material exploration and chance as well as drawing, planning and design.
Solo shows

Milk, MOT International, Brussels, Belgium

Fondazione Macc Residency Exhibition, Musee d'Arte Contemporanea di Calasetta, Italy

Simon Mathers, Rowing Projects, London, United-Kingdom


The Patterns of Fur and Themes of Still and Running Water, MOT International, London, United-Kingdom

Group shows

Working Title, Boetzelaer Nispen Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Follies, Ema-lin, Dunmore, USA

The Funnies, MOT International, Brussels, Belgium
Bail Bond, MOT International, London, United-Kingdom

Pop Tarts, curated by Henry Kinman, James Fuentes, New York, USA

Paradise Garage, Eightyone, London, United-Kingdom

Dog Days I, MOT International, London, United-Kingdom

Part of a Collection: Outset/RCA Acquisitions, 
Centrefold, Zabludowicz Collection, London, United-Kingdom

Arab Spring, Plaza Plaza, London, United-Kingdom

Midsummer Opening, Pilar Corrias, London, United-Kingdom

Sight Insight, Asylum Arts, London, United-Kingdom
Poisson d'Avril, Vous Etes Ici, Amsterdam
, The Netherlands
The Salon of the Vernacular, Fishmarket Gallery, London, United-Kingdom


Radiaal Moderne, Cole Contemporary, Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands
MOT International, London
Show, London, United-Kingdom
Royal College of Art, London, United-Kingdom
The Drifting Canvas, Cole Contemporary, London, United-Kingdom

Crash, Warner Road, Camberwell, United-Kingdom
Hilton, Room 131, Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf, United-Kingdom
With History On Our Side, The New Dome: Temporary Contemporary Gallery, United-Kingdom