Andrew Tarlow

Born in 1970

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Andrew Tarlow is widely recognized for pioneering the artisanal food movement in Brooklyn with his collection of acclaimed food establishments, including restaurants Diner, Roman's, Marlow & Sons, and Achilles Heel; butcher shop Marlow & Daughters; She Wolf Bakery; Diner Journal; and wine shop Stranger Wines. Tarlow is also the founder and publisher of Diner Journal, a quarterly magazine. Tarlow grew up in New York and began his career as a painter and bartender at the Odeon. He now lives in Fort Greene with his wife, designer Kate Huling, and their four children.

I work intuitively, generally finding the image in the practice and process of pushing the paint. There is active play and freedom at the starting point of the work. Sometimes I use references from sketches and word sentences.  The imagery is normally focused on the body and the vessel. I am continually drawn to these  parts as holders for the paint. The body parts relate to the things that I see and look at everyday and the vessel is a holder of all things from liquids to eyes and ideas. I try to stay pretty empty of thought and find meaning in the work. The paintings can generally be re-worked 7-20 times before finding its pathway out.  I also generally put them down for a bit and let them rest before coming back for an answer.  It’s like I am passively working on them by not touching it.  Just getting a glance at it behind another painting or when I am riding my bike.Thinking about its resolutions.  The final decisions are related to color composition, how it resonates and  does it vibrate.   There are lots of questions at this point that I ask myself.  I peel back the layers and or reduce the noise. I am trying to make something pure but there is a ton of tension and mystery because I am drawn to the work in order to live a good life. The practice is fulfilling which creates the tension at not wanting to finish the work. 
Group shows at Ceysson Gallery
Body Full of Stars , New York
June 21 - July 28, 2023

Solo Exhibitions

Sleepless Nights, Brilliant Champions, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibitions

An Artists' Place, Marquee Projects, Long Island, NY

Backroom Forward, Marquee Projects, Long Island, NY

Oil, Acrylic, Clay, Marquee Projects, Long Island, NY

Say Yes, Elaine L. Jacob's Gallery, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI