RJ Messineo

2009 MFA, University of California - Los Angeles
2002 BFA, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

RJ Messineo is an artist. RJ Messineo has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the James Cohan Gallery, New York (26th Street) and at the REDCAT Gallery. There have been many articles about RJ Messineo, including '10 Exhibitions Opening This Week' written for MutualArt in 2017.
The shelf paintings, empty of the knick-knacks that might be arranged on the shelves, reflect on the problem of composition, both within abstract painting and in terms of the psychological ordering of significant images, objects and events in one's own life.

A singular shaped canvas is an homage to Ellsworth Kelly, who, in the early part of his career, concealed the real-world sources of his paintings, allowing his work to be read as Minimalist geometry. The strainer is made from the wooden scraps generated out of the shelf paintings. Messineo's process of cutting, bonding and sanding are extensions of the mark making in gestural painting.
Group shows at Ceysson Gallery
Feed the Meter, Wandhaff
September 23 - December 16, 2017

Solo Shows

Fellow feeling, CANADA Gallery, New York, USA

Attached, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA

IMPRENTA, Los Angeles, USA

Homestead 2000, Meatyard Gallery, Chicago, USA

Group Shows

Slinger 3, Boots Contemporary Arts Space, St. Louis, USA
Never Very Far Apart, curated by Ryan Inouye, REDCAT, Los Angeles, USA
The First Thing, curated by Matthew Siegle Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles, USA

Wet Paint: 10 Young LA Painters, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA
Every Lover is a Mystery Partner, New Wight Gallery at UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

The Black Dragon Society, Black Dragon, Los Angeles, USA
Hinterland, curated by Raimund Pleschberger et Mackey Garage Schindler House, Los Angeles, USA

A Bloody Portent of Erotic Chaos, curated by Bert Stabler, Dogmatic Gallery, Chicago, USA
Just Good Art, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, USA

NY RT 79, BFA thesis show, Experimental Gallery, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA
Country, Ithaca Tompkins County Regional Airport, Ithaca, USA
10 exhibitions opening this week
MutualArt - MutualArt
March 22, 2017
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Feed the Meter Vol. 2
Feed the Meter Vol. 2
December 12, 2017